Client Feedback

The following comments have been received at the completion of several events conducted by QWLC.

Conference Feedback


Power Of Graphics

Great opportunity to practice in real time.
Helpful to see the different ways we interpret words or concepts.
My "style" became clear to me today.

This is the best review/learning activity I've had in many years of recording.
I've identified strengths.
I've identified weaknesses.
I've been able to develop strategies to develop/cope with my style.

Realizing that you don't have to be Picasso to make a good chart!

I can already see uses for this in my professional and personal life. Even though I feel that I have very little artistic talent, I feel pretty confident about using these techniques.

I think this will only help me in facilitation in my position - I am looking forward to other classes that may help me tie it together. You - QWLC - do a great job of encouraging our value as we return to work. Thanks!

Lots of good graphic ideas. Good hands-on time, especially 10 types of graphics.

* Great value for time - 9
* Wonderful supplies/tool kits to walk away with - 9
* Great team facilitation demonstration
* Good helpful tips

Diagnosing Organization Culture

Tremendously stimulating; has given me a better understanding of theoretical orientations and the practical application of concepts.

DOC validated a lot of what I already knew about processes and techniques, but the addition of CapacityWare is a great tool. I look forward to learning more about it and becoming adept at using it. You are great learning facilitators and have a real talent for drawing out all members of the group. Great job!!

Learning the QWLC philosophy and approach is very valuable - the components and activities for accomplishing the processes. The facilitation process is wonderful for exchange of information and acquisition of knowledge. Left me wanting more, more, more, and when that is done - more.

Matching Tasks with Talents - Red, Green, Blue

I feel relieved knowing how my personal preference fits together with the job that I do. Understanding the match or mismatch allows me to adapt to the needs on the job vs my personal preference. I go to work happy.

Learn more about co-workers. Things I didn't know about them. Learning "Colors" - maybe you can work with people who you didn't think you could.

Knowledge is power! I can use this information to improve personally and be more aware of the strengths of those I work with.

Team Facilitation

Everything was valuable - but especially the group projects. Even though some people were nervous, all did a great job presenting their ideas creatively. It gave us a chance to see and critique lots of styles in a short amount of time. All the practice within the RGB groups was also great. Fabulous facilitators! Thanks!

I feel I have gained self-confidence in facilitating a meeting. By my presentation, I was no longer anxious or nervous. Great ideas to take back to work place and implement. Better understanding of what a facilitator is !!

This has been the best workshop that I have ever attended. The methods and strategies are going to be useful for me immediately at work. I've also had an opportunity to practice & meet new people in the same field. Thanks.

This experience was tremendously revealing in terms of my strength & needs & how cultural facilitation is much more involved than it appears. Useful tool that can be integrated in a variety of settings. Looking forward to the Graphics in February.

Systemic Models

Helped to clarify the various models and see how RGBs filter throughout the whole process. Had a # of light bulb moments.

Spending time at QWLC is a learning/sharing adventure.
It's a time to expand and meet (re-meet) new people.
I really like QWLC team.
I got to have fun too.

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