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Potential 10-Stage Resources

Stage 0 - Pre-Engagement Decisions
Normalizing the Chaos of Change! - An Annual Cycle Overview, INSIDE BUSINESS, March 28, 2011

Stage 1 - Preliminary Orientations and Clarity Meetings
If you knew better, you'd do better. Right?
A Jury of My Peers.
What Working Women and Men Want.

Stage 2 - Instrument Package Development and Distribution
Getting Feedback with a Promise of Confidentiality.
FINDING OUT! - Published in edited form by Inside Business, Norfolk, Virginia
Simply Numbers

Stage 3 - Data Collection, Data Entry, and Validation
Worklife and Team Responsibility
Five Ways to Inform the Workforce

Stage 4 - Analysis, Synthesis, and Report Development
It's Just Data!
Sifting Through the Mountain

Stage 5 - Organization Feedback and Team Recruitment
Change Can be a Good Thing
When Everything is a Priority, Nothing is a Priority

Stage 6 - Coaching Lab(s) and Planning Session(s)
Teams are Here to Stay
Organization Citizenship

Stage 7 - Team Formation and Team Culture Development
Workforce Teams
Creating Organization Culture through Teaming

Stage 8 - Development of Recommendation Design and Approval or Adoption
Change is a Constant
Changing Culture as a Lever to Capacity Improvement

Stage 9 - Implementation and Measurement
The Observers Eye
An Open Mind Toward Change

Stage 10 - Evaluation, Adjustment, and Closure
Celebrations Recognize Progress
Looking for the Next Challenge?


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When emplyees win, everyone wins - INSIDE BUSINESS - no scan

Inform your workers - INSIDE BUSINESS

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