CapacityWareTM Blended Learning Program

 QWLC uses a blended (e-Learning) approach to all certification and extension programs of instruction.  The program characteristics are well documented and easy to follow.  Every topic is thoroughly covered by a Study Guide that enables the Learner to progress at his or her own pace.  When synchronous workshops are required, the may be completed by electronic means as well.  Mentors are assigned early in the process and will make contact at specific gateways throughout the program.   


To learn what this system of e-Learning entails, step-by-step, read the overview: Overview of The CapacityWareTM Blended Learning Program.
 See also the Program Diagram

If you intend to complete one or more topics, start with the Short form registration.

Use the short form to register for one or more sessions:  Registration Form

The results of your short form submission will be reviewed and you will be contacted.

Only if requested, complete the long form application:  Optional Application.

If your registration is sufficient, you will receive e-mail instructions to proceed. 

Current Topics Available Online - Selection Survey


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