The RGB Founders Roadshow

Who - What - When - Where - Why - and How


Why do the QWLC Founders pursue the Roadshow concept?

    Expose a broader audience to the RGB Technology that promotes improved relationships through new understanding.

    Expose participants to effective organization change strategies that are more easily adopted with RGB Technologies as a foundation.

    To stimulate interest among some participants that may want to pursue RGB FastTrack Certification.


Why do potential Roadshow Sponsors want to host Roadshow events?

    To try out the RGB Technology to see if it meets local needs related to capacity recovery or development.

    To automatically accrue substantial savings in the event participants continue with an RGB FastTrack Certification process.


Why do RGB Certified Practitioners endorse the Roadshow concept?

    To promote expanded engagement with current and prospective clients. 

    To expand the potential network of associates that can be called upon for assistance.


Why do current users refer QWLC Roadshow Founders to their network of valued associates?

    To introduce the RGB Technology because it works!

    To do a favor for friends and associates that might need a new and valuable service they would not otherwise seek out. 


Why would anyone participate in potential Roadshow event scheduling?

    To potentially receive valuable gifts for their helpful involvement. 

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