Roadshow Assistance Summary


Potential Assistance Gift Currently Available (just to get things started):

    Two bedroom beach condo for 7-Days at the Outer Banks in North Carolina November 6 through 13, 2010. 


Assistance Provided (may be expanded):

    A.  Help in thinking things through.   

    B.  Showing up at scheduled planning events.

    C.  Helping identify potential events.         

    D.  Introduction to potential Sponsors.    

    E.  Acting as a liaison with a potential Sponsor.

    F.  Assistance at a scheduled event for which scheduling assistance was provided. 

    G.  Sponsoring a Roadshow event. 


Current Participants and Progress (projected announcement - October 15, 2010):

Assistance Provided by and Assistance Provided A B C D E F G Total
Shellae Blackwell  1 1           2
Sabrina Carr     1           1
Wanda Ferrell   1           1
Marcus King   1           1
Frank LoFurno 1             1
Jonathan McBride    1           1
Kitty Clark Stevenson   1           1
Robert Trahan 2             2
Karla Triggle   1           1

As of:  August 26, 2010 cob