The Licensure and Certification Program

Licenses and Certification will be awarded at three progressive professional grades (Workshop, Practitioner, and Mastery):

A license extends privileges to use specific Technology while serving clients and is a foundational requirement.
A certificate extends privileges that include the preparation of candidates for licensure.

Workshop - to include the RGB Foundational Workshop. The initial workshop level license and certification via the RGB FastTrack Certification Program can be completed in a combination of having attended the 2-hour RGB Foundational Workshop facilitated by the Founders, completing a second phase entirely via the Internet, and finally completing the practicum. When licensed or certified at the Workshop level, the license or certificate holder must agree to use only approved templates for Workshop level license or certificate holders. The use of approved templates and the successful completion of continuing requirements at the Basic level may result in licensure or certification at the Practitioner level.

Facilitation Level 1. Helping people understand and (ideally) accept a pre-determined point-of-view.

Facilitation Level 2. Helping people develop action plans to overcome a pre-defined problem.

Practitioner. The Practitioner level license or certification will be awarded to individuals who have competed the minimum successful template presentation requirements and who have received the favorable recommendation of an assigned mentor to progress to the Practitioner level. Advanced topics for study and successful application include the following TYPE ratings Organization Change System; CapacityWareTM Software; RGB Advanced Topics (Matching Tasks with Talent guided coaching under the supervision of an assigned mentor); Advanced Facilitation Teams technology; and Diagnostic Interpretation, Design, and Implementation.

Level 3. Helping people solve a problem when presented with symptomatic data.

Level 4. Helping people find and fix multiple systemically related problems across boundaries along core process lines.

Mastery. The Mastery level certification will be awarded to individuals who have exhibited successful sustained experience at the Practitioner level. Mastery level entitles the certificate holder to design interventions and workshops, license CapacityWare software and literature, and mentor others applying for licensure and Certification.

Level 5. Helping people continuously navigate multiple interdependent organizational cultures to achieve organizational outcomes at increasingly higher levels of capacity.

RGB Technology License and Certification Process:

The following steps are designed to be completed sequentially. Progression pace is determined by the participant's ability to successfully navigate a study of the assigned literature, complete the written test at 80% or higher, and satisfactorily interact with the assigned mentor concerning the literature and test.

Read Stages of Licensure and Certification before making application, please.



Workshop Level Literature 0 - Overview and Marketing.

Origins and History of RGB Development, Examination 3-0-1

Workshop Level Literature 1 - Individual Predisposition

Individual Predisposition, Examination 3-1-1

Workshop Level Literature 2 - Interpersonal Dynamics

Practitioner Level Literature 3 - Matching Tasks with Talent

Practitioner Level Literature 4 - Developing Organizational Culture

Mastery Level Literature 5 - Measuring and Monitoring RGB Implementations

RGB Basic Level Certification - Two-hour Agenda Design

RGB Basic Level Certification - 6 to 12 hour Agenda Design Options - Additional Model Integration)

UHS Technology Certification Process:


Foundational Literature 1 - Cultural Capacity Development System.

Diagnosing Organizational Culture.

Certification allows the following benefits:

Certification Program Components

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