Examination Information

A. Examination Types. Two examination "types" are available for each topic (Tab): a ten-item multiple choice exam (Workshop Level), and a five-item essay examination (Practitioner Level). At the Workshop Level, the same examination may be required for both pre-residency and post residency.

B. Pass Rate Calculated by PART. An 80% is considered passing for each Part. Any examination can be retaken one time. The final grade will be an average of both examinations.

C. On-Line Examinations. All examination must be taken on-line.

D. Open Book. All examinations are open-book. Participants may use published references, notes, and classmates as resources in taking any examination.

E. Best Answer. In some cases, more than one answer to an examination may be technically correct. The "best" answer will be graded as correct.

F. Password Protected Transcript. Each participant will have an individual password protected transcript available on-line. This transcript will have all examination results posted within 5 days of submission. Participants may request changes to assigned passwords at any time.

G. On-line Examination Addresses. On-line examinations can be reached from several convenient locations. Addresses will be provided upon approval of application and distribution of library materials.