RGB Community Connections Program
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Further develop routine users and Advocates in RGB Technology through continuous learning.

In the past
, participants in any RGB-based workshop have had only one available path to continue their intentional pursuit of further understanding the application of RGB technologies.  That single path to continue learning has been RGB Certification through FastTrack or Residency. 

Beginning immediately, a Community Connections Program fills the void that many have requested over the years, "Is there a learning path to increased understanding of RGB Technologies?"  The Community Connections Program, is intended to provide the no-cost informal opportunity to become an advanced user or Advocate through online learning activities.   Once criteria is met and a self-declaration is made, it is the intent of QWLC to honor that plateau by listing the incumbent among those who have similarly achieved that distinction. 

RGB Community Connections Program

Goals - "A9"
1.  Access via Download (use "SAVE" - version May 2014) the RGB Foundational Workshop follow-through slide show.

2.  Adjust your thinking and behaviors based on your own research.

3.  Ask a question, get some information on a topic.

4.  Acquire position related reference materials to add depth to my learning.

5.  Allow for easy-entry into formal alternatives - Advocacy and/or Certification.

6.  Align the thinking of all members of the community through online discussions. 

7.  Address RGB self-improvement activities and reports results.

8.  Advance the RGB community network with referrals.

9.  Assemble research data to determine levels of effectiveness.

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