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Overview and Index
This spiral bound mini-manual is a 25-page guide and index to the entire library and web site. An experienced organization developer of organizational change agent will quickly confirm the value of this system of change from a review of this document. It can be used as a reference for those who need a "quick read" on the entire system or a starting point when searching for more detailed information.

Organization Change System Manual
As a three-ring binder this publication has ten Tabs that describe the full range of activity in the Organizational Change System cycles. Including attachments and handouts that guide the user through each Stage, the manual is approximately over 100 pages of "how to" material. Many web-based documents supplement the manual's detailed descriptions. Video and PowerPoint presentations also augment this foundational manual.


CapacityWare Administration Manual
The software manual provides "how to" instructions on software use for all full service versions. A condensed Reader version is available on the web. Ten Tabs deliver directions and screen illustrations to the user that explain every detail of the application. Links to our Web site contain more complex uses when required.

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RGB WorkStyle Preference Manual
On of the most valuable benefits of CapacityWare is the core use of workstyle preferences that "type" individuals, teams, work groups, networks, and whole organizations with efficiency enhancing levers that improve performance. This allows users to collect a minimum of data from members and relate that data to other survey results in order to design a comprehensive solution to perplexing problems. The Manual is a five-Tab three-ring binder.

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Facilitation Teams
This Ten Tab manual is used by both facilitators and those who manage the change process through facilitation teams. It provides "how to" information for both groups to assure an effective means of achieving stated objectives. The materials explain fully those cultural facilitation techniques that are not a traditional part of group facilitation - yet have become essential for capacity improvement efforts.


Diagnostic Reports and Follow-through Manual
Any change system must have adequate provision for putting information into the hands of those who can do something about conditions. The Diagnostic Report manual has recently been revised to incorporate basic Follow-through activities that results in positive improvements. There is no doubt that organizations will change, the only question is whether those changes will be consistent across the organization and executed with precision. This manual addresses why so many change effort fail - it's all in the follow-through!

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CD - CapacityWare Software
The software is designed to work with MS Office on a stand-alone PC or in a network configuration. Installation can be undertaken by the user, or by a QWLC consultant. Once installed, features can be turned off and on through the use of special codes available at the time of software registration or as the system grows into the need.

CD - CapacityWare Literature
All materials (Word documents, PowerPoint Presentations, and Video support) are delivered on a CD that allow the user to make routine use of organizational documents, but limit (under license) the user from creating duplicate libraries.

Web Connectivity to Password Protected Pages
The web site is used extensively to access documents that are appropriate for inclusion in more than one Manual, or are sufficiently unique that they do not belong in any Library volume. Connectivity also allows the selection and downloading of materials directly into software for use in managing change events over the term of the effort (for example, Event Agendas).

Certification and Training
conducts certification training on a Quarterly cycle throughout the year. Three categories of certification training are available to the user: RGB, Diagnostics, and System.

There is a full 60 day, full refund, satisfaction guarantee for all CapacityWare products.

Use Counter Licenses
On full features versions of the software, users have a "process your own" option that decreases the number of available uses at each processing of a survey or inventory. Available uses are restored, upon receipt of payment, through the used of special serial number entries into the software locally and obtained by phone or e-mail. Substantial discounts are offered for quantity purchases.

Frequently Asked Questions

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