Practicum Requirements

A. Practicum Rationale. The practicum provides a "hand on" opportunity for licensure candidates to complete a task at their own pace and submit results for examination. The practicum recognizes that academic excellence must be parallelled with practical ability to perform certain tasks well.

B. Projects. The following list provides an overview of project assignments to be completed as a practicum.

PART 1 - Organization Change System
Data Collection, Data Entry, and Validation.
Analysis, Synthesis, and Report Development.
Coaching Lab and Planning Session.
Team Formation and Team Culture Development.
Development of Recommendation Design & Approval or Adoption.

PART 2 - CapacityWare
Creating Instruments.
Engaging Best Practices.
Working with Financials.
Connecting with Web Resources

Individual Predisposition.
Matching Tasks with Talent.

PART 4 - Facilitation
Record Keeping.

PART 5 - Diagnostic Report
Trend Rankings.