Professional Standards of Conduct

Quality of WorkLife Consultants and members of the CapacityWareTM Practitioners International Network (CWPIN), subscribe to and champion the following professional standards of conduct (ethics) at three levels:

Public Confidence and Trust -- Client Service Commitment -- Practitioner Relationships

Public Confidence and Trust

1. Professional Attitude and Behavior

We will demonstrate attitudes and behavior toward the public, our clients, and toward each other that reinforces our commitment to superior service and high-quality productive relationships. We will seek to be a model of professional conduct toward which others in our profession aspire.

2. Professional Contribution

We will help those we serve to improve their organizations by providing sound advice and assistance. We will recognize our limitations within our scope of expertise and responsibly seek and refer to the advice of others when appropriate.

3. Treatment of Information

We will treat all client information confidentially and thereby maintain the trust placed with
us by clients.

4. Advertising

We will make realistic claims concerning our capabilities, and make good our guarantees.

5. Conflict of Interest

We will resolve any appearance of conflict of interest to the satisfaction of our clients.

6. References

We will only use client references when permission has been obtained from the client.

Client Service Commitment

1. Understanding of Client Need and Anticipated Benefits

We will make every reasonable effort to understand our client condition and need -- from the client perspective -- and judge our success by the expectations established by our clients.

2. Confidentiality and Anonymity

We will treat all information collected during client audits and assessments with confidentiality and anonymity. We will report information to the client directly, and without distortion. We will report information so as to protect the identity of those who have provided it and respect their need for confidentiality and anonymity.

3. Independence and Conditions of Service

We will enter no agreement with anyone other than our client that will influence our ability to render superior service to that client. We will fully disclose our conditions of service to our clients at all times and inform them of any circumstances which will alter those conditions

4. Agreement Regarding Scope of Involvement and Charges

We will make agreements regarding the scope of our involvement with a client, and the charges we anticipate in exchange for that involvement. We will not exceed the scope of that agreement without client consent.

5. Transfer of Knowledge

We will seek ways to transfer the knowledge we use in helping a client to the client organization so as to continually increase competence and capabilities for the purpose of building ownership and reducing client dependency.

6. Qualified Personnel Assignments and Applications

We will engage only the most qualified and available of our associates and affiliates in applications directly designed to improve client performance, productivity, and profitability within the scope of our client agreements.

7. Sufficiency of Diagnostics and Practicality of Solutions

We will use the latest and most effective techniques available to us in client diagnostic functions, and recommend and assist in the implementation of only the most practical of solutions. In so doing, we will consider the client's potential return on investment in our services.

Practitioner Relationships

1. Knowledge Sharing and Professional Development

For the purpose of improving customer service and public confidence, we will freely share generic knowledge among members of our affiliation network and among members of our profession.

2. Treatment of Proprietary Materials and Techniques

We will acknowledge and respect the rights of those who create materials and innovative processes for our use in helping clients improve their performance, productivity, and profitability.

3. Associations with other Professional Consultants

We will energetically pursue a variety of associations with members of our profession and those closely associated with our profession for the purpose of improving our ability to serve the needs of our clients.

4. Uniform Application of our Technology

We will uniformly apply our Technology so as to significantly contribute to client improvements in quality and consistency.

5. An Inquiring Culture Dedicated to Continuous Improvement

We will seek methods and techniques to reward each other for inquiries that result in continuous improvements to our own organization, ultimately benefiting our ourselves and our clients.

6. Consistent Change

We will be responsive to the needs of the individual, while planning meaningful change that is best for the whole.

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