The eLearning Online Process Guidance

RGB FastTrack Certification

Basic Certification

A. Phase 1 - Attendance at an Authorized RGB I Foundational Workshop Design.
   1. Evidence of Attendance at any Founder's-led 2-hour RGB Foundational Workshop - Completion Certificate or Equivalent.
    2. RGB FastTrack Certification Considerations - for Internal (SHRM members) and/or External Consulting Candidates.
    3. Satisfactory Completion of the Post RGB I 2-Hour Foundational Workshop  Phase 1 Examination
    4. Served successfully as an RGB Advocate (Optional).
    5. Read and Acknowledge your understanding of the three following documents in your Online Application.
            a.  Official Positions within the Quality of WorkLife Consultants Structure,
            b.  CapacityWareTM Technology and Software User License Agreement, and
            c.  CapacityWareTM Technology - QWLC Standards of Conduct
    6. Receipt of a simple online Application and Tuition Payment - $399 agreement.
    7. Establish a Participant Transcript - SAMPLE.  YOUR Transcript will be linked upon approval of Application.
    8. Selection of and Assignment of a Mentor.

B. Phase 2 - Completion of Self-Study using the RGB I Certification Materials. 
    1. Study of ALL material in and linked to the online Study Guide - SAMPLE provided. 
    2. Review of Video Guidance available (links provided upon enrollment). 
    3. Completion of online Self Examination that focuses on Videos that illustrate each Module.   
    4. Completion of at least one Mentoring Session via electronic means. 
    5. Satisfactory Completion of the Phase 2 Final Examination.
    6. Selection of an RGB Inventory Processing Mode (internal or QWLC).
    7. Installation of CapacityWareTM Software for use during Phase 3 and beyond under the CapacityWareTM Technology and Software User License Agreement.

C. Phase 3 - Completion of a Supervised RGB I Foundational Workshop Practicum.
   1. Issuance of the Locally Supervised Practicum Guidelines.
    2. Identification of a Sponsor who has agreed to supervise a "live" Workshop Practicum.
    3. Receipt of the Sponsor Practicum Evaluation (or acceptable video clip performance) and Participant Evaluations.
    4. Issuance of RGB FastTrack Certificate and Credentials.

Advanced Certifications

D. Phase 4 - RGB Workshop Extensions - Models and Designs.
1. RGB II tthrough RGB V Workshop Designs Proficiency.
    2. Growing Number of Compatible Models.
    3. The Leadership 12 Designs.

Certification Continuance and the Inner Circle
Under Refinement

E. Phase 5 - CapacityWareTM Technology Advisory Group. 
 1. Recommend certification-continuance activities.
    2. Mentor certification enrollees. 
    3. Participate in Technology decisions.
    4. Engage in Technology research projects.
    5. Participate in the marketing and expansion of the Technology.


Complete the FastTrack Certification Application online. 


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