The RGB Founders Roadshow

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How you can know if the RGB Foundational Workshop is a good option for you?

If your organization has lost capacity (inability to effectively find and fix problems of concern to the workforce) than you are a perfect candidate. Normally, problems associated with capacity are embedded in critical relationships that are not being optimized. The best way to proceed is by finding out more about yourself and part you might play in turning things around in any relationship with the boss, with subordinates, or with coworkers. Without this kind of knowledge, it is difficult to make progress toward work that is fulfilling. It might be a good idea to invite someone to come with you that may also need the kind of insights that often emerge in the fast-paced 2-hour session.

How to get more information?

Our website is loaded with valuable information about this technology. But if you'd prefer, some of our avid participants have agreed to talk with you about their experience. Don't hesitate to call and talk with them about this how this session has helped them.

How to get a commitment for The RGB Workshop at your location?

First, go to the "Where" page and register your location as a potential site. If the site is accepted, the Second concern will be a negotiation for a date that is agreeable to the Tour schedule. Finally, will be the actual support for the event (time, invitations, room arrangements, etc.). A complete checklist is available to help satisfy these details - nothing hard, just complete to be certain your RGB Workshop is completely successful!

How to arrange the room?

The room size and configuration is an important aspect for a successful event. For the 20 to 25 participants, the room needs to be about 2,500 square feet with plenty of room to move about with 4 to 5 tables 3' by 6' tables with five chairs each. The Facilitation team may need at least one easel and pad with color markers and plenty of wall space for individual teams to work and hang paper (blue painters tape is a must) as it is used. Some added options will just improve the experience - like music availability, front and back of the room tables, and comfortable chairs.

How to notify participants?

If your organization has an e-mail roster, that will suffice. At least on "announcement" might be necessary (samples available), and a seat confirmation will seal the deal (also available). Participant Internet access to complete the 25-item RGB Workstyle Preference Inventory online will help.

How to settle on a date and time?

Specific date and time negotiations are completed by phone or e-mail (preferred). As you can imagine, Tour schedules may be a significant factor in finalizing these arrangements.

How to find out about RGB Certification options?

Certainly one of the factors that may influence some of your participants might be the requirements of RGB Certification. Some people are always interested in that option. First, participation in an RGB Foundational Workshop is a requirement, this event will satisfy that prerequisite completely. Second, there is plenty of online material to research the options well before the workshop. Finally, if participants are interested in learning more, we always hold an after-workshop session to answer questions. There is no obligation to attend. Only individuals who are genuinely interested are invited. There is no advance signup, no fees for attending, no obligations to be made at this time. We do have a low cost binder than can be purchased at reasonable cost that contains full details, if requested by those who attend.

How to participate in the Annual RGB Celebration?

All participants are eligible to receive a "GEM" just for showing up. Additional "GEMS" can be earned during the event through active participation. If people become RGB Certified, part of that certification entitles them to also award "GEMS" that can be registered by recipients. Annually, there is an RGB Awards and Recognitions Celebration where prizes are awarded to those who attend. We've given away Acer computers, week-long stays at vacation condominiums at popular east-coast resort areas, gift cards, and the like for those who have been awarded the most "GEMS". We've even extended "GEM" Awards to those who help us grow through bone fide referrals to their friends and network associates.

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