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The Offer
An RGB Foundational Workshop


The Potential for Full Conference Participation - Planning to Follow-through

The RGB Team wants to fully participate in the evaluation planning for any preferred conference.  We have a special interest in any organization that supports local governance and citizen participation in decision-making.  It is our primary niche.  To this end, the QWLC Team of Facilitators may also engage as "in kind" Sponsors, Exhibitors, and fully engaged participants in exchange for our Conference Evaluation Services.    QWLC may also be interested in conducting Pre-Conference Workshops for half or full day if this option is offered to others at the same time.  

This depth of involvement is not automatic.  These services normally are extended after a healthy information exchange and a sound relationship has been established with association and Conference leadership.  Typically, the offer to extend these services is over a multi-year engagement. 

The RGB Foundational Workshop Presentation - 2 to 3-Hours

The RGB Foundational Workshop is a 2 or 3-hour highly interactive session designed to develop a new understand of one's self and the critical relationships in the lives of participants - especially those critical working relationships. There are normally twenty-one "parts" to the Foundational Workshop as follows:

        Introductions - Facilitation Team at minimum - participants potentially if strangers.

        Setup - Go over the Agenda and nature of segment briefly.

        Body Parts - Short engaging exercise to demonstrate that our brain is in charge.

        SPOONS - 10 to 12 minute exercise at each table - FUN and highly interactive/competitive.

        So... - What did we learn from playing SPOONS?

        Awards - SPOONS winners receive comic awards.

        RGB Lecturette - Short 15-minute overview of the color characteristics of RGB.

        Group Self Selections - Task will be for each participant to find their RGB color group.

        Reveal - Each participant will get the results of the RGB Inventory taken online.

        Shifts - If participants did not select the "correct" color group shifts can still be made.

        Task - Each group will complete a task together that focuses on their dominant RGB color.

        Briefs - Each group will elect a spokesperson to brief out the Task results for their group.

        Gifts - Spokesperson will receive a gift for their role.

        Final Thoughts - Some from the Facilitation Team - Some from the participants - Q & A.

        Certificates - Participants receive a completion certificate.

        Evaluations - A short evaluation of the session requiring a numeric score and participant comments. 

        Optional Exams - Those who declare for RGB Certification may take a short exam.

        Short Break - Time to let those depart that will not be involved with Extended Topics.

        Extended Topics - A discussion of further Progressive Design applications and the RGB.

        Clinic - Facilitation Team, Sponsor, POC, and a Participant engage in a feedback clinic.

        Departure - Time for everyone to depart and reset the room. 


After-session Publications Offerings

      Leadership and the RGB

        Followership and the RGB

        Relationships and the RGB

        Job Design and the RGB

        The RGB Workshop Workbook

After-session Questions and Answers

Concerning: "How do I apply the RGB in a work setting?"

Concerning: "How do I apply the RGB in a social setting?"

Concerning: "Fast Track RGB Certification options?

Concerning: "What are the Accelerated Classical Organization Development extensions to the RGB Foundationl Workshop?"

Concerning: "What is a reasonable investment for full long-term RGB Certification?"

What you pay for the RGB Foundational Workshop being offered!

The Founders are seeking limited-inventory-processing-fees-only showcase opportunities at conferences and similar events across America. That's right - no professional fees, no travel expenses, no hidden engagement fees of any kind - unless it is waived, just pay the $25 processing fee for the RGB Inventory results that are provided for each of your workshop participants. We will expect a minimum of 20 participants and a maximum of 25 per session. Please, schedule afternoon and evening sessions only, 3-hours apart (1pm and 4pm if needed).

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